How to make a Wooden Boomerang?


Do you know what’s a Boomerang? The cool invention. It is a fun tool that you can play with. There are many ways to make a boomerang. We are going to make a wooden one because it would be better. Now to make a wooden boomerang you will need a plywood. Draw the shape of your boomerang on a plywood. Then, use a saw to cut it. Sand it with a sanding sponge. In the middle of the boomerang, blend the two airfoils together. Give it a final sanding with fine grit paper. Then, apply a thin coat of spray paint or clear lacquer to help protect the boomerang and make it look nice.

This relates to engineering because you create a new material that can help you and other people play and have fun with it. You can get more details or make another boomerang using this website:

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