How to make a phone charger?


By: Ahmet Cengiz

Did you ever need an emergency charger? This article teaches you how to make one in 4 steps.

To make a phone charger you will need:

  • Altoids container or small container
  • cell phone car charger
  • gator clips/cables (2)
  • 9V battery
  • 9V battery snap connector
  • electrical tape

The tools you will need are:

  • scissors
  • metal cutters/metal snips

All these just make up the step one.

For second step just take your gator clips and connect one end of the gator clip to the positive wire of the snap connector. Then connect the other end of the gator clip to the metal contact on the end of the car charger. Take the other end of the gator clip and connect it to the negative wire of the snap connector. Connect the other end to the metal contacts on the side of the car charger. At last, wrap all the connections with a electrical tape so the (metal) container doesn’t interfere with the circuit.

For the third step, Connect the 9v battery to the snapper. Don’t forget to use metal cutters/metal snips to cut out the section you marked.

For the last step, Insert the wiring, 9v battery, and car charger into the Altoids container. To use, insert your phone’s USB charger cable into the USB port though the hole in the Altoids container. Then plug it into your phone. Now enjoy and don’t think about if your phones battery runs out  when you are outside.

This relates to engineering by working hard, and being organized to build. Also you use batteries and wires to create a something that will solve a problem in your life.