How a Rotary Engine works differently from a normal Piston Engine.

How a Rotary Engine works differently from a normal Piston Engine.

By: Gabriel Orbeta

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This is how a Wankel Rotary Engine works differently from a normal piston engine.


The Wankel rotary engine is an engine for a car, but it’s completely different from a piston engine for a car. A normal piston engine for a car has a cylinder that does everything, Intake, Compression, Power/Combustion, and Exhaust. However, the rotary engine has a place for each part, or like having a cylinder for each part. The rotary engine woks in a four-stroke combustion cycle, which is the same thing a regular piston engine uses. It is somewhat different though, the offset lobe and output shaft starts spinning three times to complete a full revolution.

The car company “Mazda”, decided to use this engine for their own cars. Some of the cars that have this engine are, 1995 RX-7 FD, 1989 RX-7 FC, and the 2011 RX-8.

The Wankel Rotary engine was used in cars on January 9th, 1960. Felix Wankel was the person that created the engine. He was a German Nazi and he even met Hitler! He started to get into engines when he decided to make one himself. Through the 1970’s a lot of car companies didn’t use the engine except for one company, Mazda. Mazda used the engine for a lot of their RX cars, although, they don’t make cars with a rotary engine anymore.